Concierge, Customized Services
& Elaborate Itineraries

When you travel with Wingspan, you leave all the logistics to us. No detail is too small, which is why we're hands-on when planning every aspect of a customized trip.

We've earned our reputation by thinking about every eventuality and not taking anything for granted, and that's why our clients trust us to design complicated trips that require customized extras.

Trust us to ensure that your full, end-to-end itinerary runs smoothly, whether you need us to book exclusive-use accommodation, or facilitate medical assistance, childcare, private security, and medical evacuation plans.

Who we are

We craft comprehensive travel experiences across the globe and manage all elements of your itinerary.


Our clients value their time and want a trip that plays out smoothly with every detail considered to allow for ultimate enjoyment. The goal of each Wingspan trip is to create space for you to connect to your loved ones, local people, and the destination.

Nick Bay

Nick has been involved in the travel industry for over a decade, having worked for several adventure travel and luxury tour operators before founding Your Private Africa and Wingspan with his wife and business partner, Ashley. After spending a childhood between California and France, Nick continued to explore the world and spent extensive amounts of time in Africa, Europe and the Americas as a young adult. Passionate about wild places, Nick was drawn to Africa time and time again, leading him to become a safari guide in South Africa and he studied community based wildlife conservation in Tanzania. Back in the USA Nick uses his extensive knowledge of Africa, through both personal experience and a degree in environmental studies and African politics, to plan African safaris professionally, and now through Wingspan, planning travel to select destinations worldwide.

Ashley Bay

Born and raised in Seattle, WA, Ashley comes to Wingspan with a personal background in finance and small business management. In 2010, as the financial industry was attempting to repair, Ashley changed course from the world of finance to the world of fitness. Ashley developed a passion for communication and connection through a decade spent teaching and practicing yoga, amongst other modalities.

She believes travel and movement have many parallels, primarily both set out to create connections. Going somewhere out of your comfort zone gives you insights to yourself. When we step outside our routines, magic happens. Aside from managing operations, Ashley personally works with clients to ensure everyone arrives feeling prepared for their adventure.